INTERNET BROWSING…..2 types of people!!!

What’s this🤔🤔 2 types ah…

Haha s s it’s of two types…. TYPE1: People who browses frequently just for timepass , also wasting their time and money TYPE 2: People who makes a lot of money with it …….

Actually while I was browsing I used to see this post 😜😜……… U belongs to….!!!!


What’s your opinion on this!!!

There is no rule that only men should work , and also we must encourage each other growths…That mutual encouragement between men and women must be strong so that even women can start working without any personal fears… And please don’t make your man feel stress and discouraged infront of you and others too…

********************************LET YOURSELF PROJECT WITH MORE CONFIDENCE AND ALSO YOUR PARTNER too….. **********************************

Note: Never make your man stressed by your words… because no one can make your man more comfortable than U

Just grow together…❤️



Here comes a main difference between OUTERLOOK from INNERLOOK(Mindset)….

OUTLOOK: Which is going to improve with our age n we try to make it perfect later…by doing some hard workouts….❤️

Where as,

INNERLOOK : Where we have to shape in a perfect manner from our childhood…so that it will look more beautiful later….❤️

***********************************Here we all know both Outlook and Innerlook plays a major role to make our lives more beautiful n confident…

For which you are gonna vote then Vote 1 : OUTLOOK…50% Vote 2 : INNERLOOK…50% Vote 3 : INOUT…100% ************************************Mention in comment section 😉😉


Jus go and recollect the worse things done by you when you were kid vs now…

Even though both the things done by you and each one teached you a lesson then…when we should call them as mistakes or worse things🤔🤔…

If you repeat the same thing then it will be consider as worse things of ur life otherwise we should call them as a life lesson🤩🤩


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